A Mindful Hatha Yoga Routine for Post-Travel Relaxation

Welcome to the Post-Travel Hatha Yoga Routine

Today, you may or may not need your mat, so if you don't have one, don't worry about it. However, you will need a wall space with enough blank space at the base of a wall to take your legs up the wall at the end of your practice. If you're feeling a little tight, I highly recommend grabbing either a pillow or a folded blanket to use as a prop.

Let's begin in a seated position on our mats, in the traditional sukhasana, or easy seated pose. Just cross your ankles and sit up tall. Take a minute here to mentally set down any baggage and fully arrive in the present moment.

Now, bring more awareness to your senses. Open your ears to every sound around you, whether it's the rustle of leaves or the airflow within the building. Notice the smells around you, whether it's musty, fresh, salty, or crisp. Observe the taste sensations on your tongue. Pay attention to the touch of the ground beneath you, the clothes around you, and the temperature of the air. Use all five senses to ground yourself throughout this practice.

Continue with gentle movements, such as seated cow and cat poses, to warm up your spine. Then, move into a forward fold, allowing yourself to deepen the stretch with each exhale.

After rising, come into a reverse tabletop pose to open your hips and chest. Engage your legs and breathe into the sensation you feel.

Switching sides, explore a side stretch by reaching your arm up and overhead, lengthening your side body. Repeat on the other side.

Release any tension in your shoulders with a few shoulder rolls, and then interlace your hands behind your lower back. Take your hands to each side of your body, allowing for a deep opening in your traps.

Transition into a seated forward fold, finding a long flat back before hinging from your hips. Take a few deep breaths in this pose to release tension.

Return to a seated position and make your way into downward facing dog. Pedal out your legs and relax your neck as you press your chest towards your thighs.

Finally, find a wall space and bring your legs up the wall for a figure-four pose. You can use a prop under your lower back for support. Feel the deep stretch in your hips and breathe into the pose.

Take your time as you switch sides and return to legs up the wall. Rest your arms overhead and find stillness. Observe every sensation and be present in the moment.

When you're ready to come out of the pose, gently draw your knees in towards your chest and roll over onto one side. Press yourself up to a seated position and bring your hands together at heart center.

You have completed the post-travel hatha yoga routine.

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