Breaking the Cycle of Generational Trauma: Our Journey at the Lorry Center

Our Journey at the Lorry Center

My name is Liliana Huerta, and my husband and I are the proud parents of three boys: Nathanael, Liam, and Julian. As parents, we have experienced the unconditional love and joy that comes with raising children. However, we also faced challenges, especially with our middle child, Liam. Liam struggled with day-to-day transitions, expressing his emotions, and had a speech delay. Seeking answers and support, we turned to the Lorry Center.

The Lorry Center is a remarkable place that provides strategies and support for children who may be struggling with their emotions and understanding how to navigate the outside world. The dedicated staff at the Lorry Center became like family to us, offering personalized care and attention to every child in their care.

During our time at the Lorry Center, we witnessed the incredible dedication and love that the staff, including Miss Carmen, Miss Mary, Miss Michelle, Miss Annie, and Ariel, showed towards each child. They created a safe and nurturing environment where Liam could be himself, learn coping strategies, and develop a better understanding of his emotions.

I remember observing a day at the Lorry Center before the pandemic, where I saw the staff interacting with the children as if they were their own. Miss Michelle sat with Liam, having a snack and engaging in a conversation that made him feel valued and understood. Miss Annie would always find a way to make Liam laugh, even during virtual school sessions. And Ariel, she had a special connection with Liam, providing him with the support and guidance he needed.

There was a moment during the pandemic when Liam engaged in a concerning behavior with our dog's leash. It broke my heart to see him like that, but the staff at the Lorry Center immediately stepped in. Ariel scheduled a one-on-one session with Liam, where she asked him why he did what he did and helped him understand the potential consequences. It was during that session that I realized the depth of care and love they had for my child.

The Lorry Center is a place that every child and family should have access to. It offers strategies and support that can make a significant impact on a child's emotional well-being. As my child prepares to enter the public school system, I am grateful for the fond memories and positive experiences we had at the Lorry Center. I wish there were more centers like it, providing the same level of care and support to children in need.

Our journey at the Lorry Center has been transformative. It has helped break the cycle of generational trauma in our family, and I am forever grateful for the support and tools we received. I encourage every parent to seek help and support, as it can make a world of difference in their child's life.

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