Coping Techniques and Self-Care Habits for Emotional Wellness

Welcome to the World of Dreams and Self-Care

Hello to everyone and welcome to this free launch of Karen Browner's books, 'The Beckoning Rooms' and '20 Self-Care Habits'.

I am Dr. Luis Recinos from Guatemala, and I had the pleasure of teaching Karen during her studies at Francisco Marugin University. As a professor, it's rare to know the impact of our teachings on students' future. However, Karen's invitation to this event revealed that my teachings from 20 years ago had a significant impact on her career. It's a humbling and deeply honorable experience.

The Beckoning Rooms: A Journey to the Unconscious

'The Beckoning Rooms' takes us on a journey into the world of dreams and the unconscious. Through the experiences of the three main characters - Dreams China, Jeremiah, and Jacobs - the book invites us to explore our own inner truth. It poses poignant questions that resonate with readers, urging us to reflect on our own lives and search for our true selves. The mysterious rooms and closed doors symbolize the depths of the unconscious, beckoning us to delve deeper into self-discovery.

20 Self-Care Habits: Protecting Your Well-Being

'20 Self-Care Habits' is a practical guide filled with valuable advice to develop the skills necessary to protect our own needs and lead a happy life. It emphasizes setting boundaries, trusting our feelings, challenging negative thoughts, and enjoying solitude. The book combines Karen's expertise as a clinical psychologist with her talent as a fiction writer, resulting in a humanistic approach to self-care.

As a psychologist myself, I have found this book immensely useful in my work with patients. It offers practical tools and encourages reflection, helping individuals find happiness and fulfillment in ways they may not have considered before.

Conclusion: Dive into the Books and Begin Your Journey

I highly recommend diving into Karen Browner's books. 'The Beckoning Rooms' will take you on a thought-provoking journey into the unconscious, while '20 Self-Care Habits' will empower you to prioritize your well-being and live a happier life. So go ahead, get your copies, and embark on a path of self-discovery and self-care.

Goodbye and adios.

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