Coping Techniques for Falling Asleep: A Simple Tapping Method

Are you having trouble falling asleep. In this article, we will explore a simple technique that can help you process and alleviate the emotions that are keeping you awake. This technique is part of a 30-day stress relief series and has been proven effective in promoting relaxation and restful sleep. So, let's dive in and discover how you can find relief from sleeplessness.

The Tapping Technique

The technique we will be using is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping. It involves gently tapping on specific acupressure points on your body while repeating affirmations. This combination helps to release stress, calm your mind, and invite relaxation.

Getting Started

Before we begin, make sure you are in a comfortable position and can dedicate a few minutes to this practice. Take a deep breath, and let's begin.

The Tapping Sequence

1. Karate Chop Point: Start by tapping on the karate chop point on the side of your hand. Repeat after me: 'Even though I'm feeling so sleepless, I accept myself and how I feel about this. '

2. Eyebrow Point: Tap gently on the inner edge of your eyebrow, near the bridge of your nose. Repeat: 'Even though I'm so frustrated that I can't fall asleep, I'm open to feeling relaxed and tired. '

3. Side of the Eye: Tap on the outer edge of your eye, on the bone. Repeat: 'Even though I am so frustrated that I'm laying here awake when I should be going to sleep, I deeply and truly love and accept myself. '

4. Under the Eye: Tap on the bone just below your eye, in line with your pupil. Repeat: 'I am so frustrated, I'm so exhausted, but I can't sleep. '

5. Under the Nose: Tap on the area between your nose and upper lip. Repeat: 'My mind is racing, I just can't relax, I'm so tired. '

6. Chin Point: Tap on the indentation between your chin and lower lip. Repeat: 'I can't get comfortable, I'm so exhausted, I just want to sleep. '

7. Collarbone Point: Tap on the junction where your collarbone meets your breastbone. Repeat: 'What is wrong with me. This is so frustrating. '

8. Under the Arm: Tap on the side of your body, about four inches below your armpit. Repeat: 'I have so many thoughts running through my mind, I could write them down on paper and maybe that'll help me relax. '

9. Top of the Head: Tap on the crown of your head, using all your fingers. Repeat: 'I just want to feel comfortable and rest, this tossing and turning is causing me so much stress. '

Inviting Calm and Peace

After completing the tapping sequence, take a deep breath and have a sip of water. Repeat the starting statement: 'I feel so frustrated that I can't fall asleep' and rate its truth on a scale of one to ten. If the feeling is still strong, you can continue tapping until it neutralizes or another emotion takes over. Remember, everyone processes things differently, so take as long as you need to feel calmer or better than before.


Getting a good night's sleep is essential for our overall well-being. By incorporating this tapping technique into your bedtime routine, you can release stress, quiet your mind, and invite calm and peace into your body. Remember to practice self-care and prioritize your sleep. Sweet dreams.

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