Coping Techniques for Stress Relief: A Mindfulness Yoga Routine

In this practice, we will focus on gentle movements and deep breathing exercises to calm the mind and relax the body. So, find a comfortable seated position on your mat, close your eyes, and let's begin.

Seated Twists

Start by taking a gentle twist to the right, placing your right hand behind you and your left hand on your right knee. Turn through your shoulders and chin as you inhale deeply. Exhale and come back to center. Repeat the twist on the left side, inhaling as you turn and exhaling as you come back to center.

Side Stretches

Next, reach your arms up by your sides, fingertips barely touching the ground. Stretch your right arm up and overhead, keeping your right hip grounded and your chest open. Take a deep breath in and exhale back to center. Switch sides and stretch your left arm up and over, grounding through your left hip. Inhale and exhale back to center.

Neck Stretches

Lower your left ear to your left shoulder, relaxing your right shoulder. Take a deep breath in and exhale as you come back to center. Switch sides and lower your right ear to your right shoulder, relaxing your left shoulder. Inhale and exhale back to center.

Cat-Cow Pose

Place your hands on your knees and round your spine, tucking your chin. This is the cat pose. Inhale and arch your back, pulling your heart forward and lifting your chin. This is the cow pose. Repeat these movements a few times to warm up your spine.

Butterfly Legs

Bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees fall open, creating a butterfly shape with your legs. Take a deep breath in and exhale as you fold forward, keeping your head heavy and shoulders relaxed. Feel the stretch in your hips and lower back.

Child's Pose

From here, make your way to a child's pose with your knees wide and your forehead resting on the mat. Take a few deep breaths here, allowing your body to relax and release tension.

Downward Facing Dog

Slowly rise into a tabletop position and then lift your hips up to come into downward facing dog. Find movement that feels good for you in this pose, stretching out your hamstrings and releasing any tension in your upper body.

Half Pigeon

Bring your right knee up towards your right wrist, sinking into your hips. Walk your hands forward and surrender down into this pose. Take deep breaths to calm and ground yourself. Switch sides and repeat the pose with your left knee forward.

Final Stretches

Finish the practice with a seated forward fold, happy baby pose, and a gentle twist. These stretches will help release any remaining tension in your body.


Take a moment to appreciate the sensation of your body digesting all that you've just done. Slowly rise and come back to a seated position, bringing your hands together at heart center. Take a moment to notice how you feel, what you feel, and where you feel it. From that place of bliss, namaste.

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