Grounding Meditation: Find Stability and Groundedness

In this meditation, we will explore the present moment and cultivate a sense of peace and relaxation. Whether you choose to listen to this meditation before bed, in the morning, or during a busy day, it is the perfect opportunity to connect with yourself and find inner calm.

Setting the Scene

Imagine yourself standing in a grassy field, surrounded by tiny green plants and a spotless blue sky above. Take a moment to notice the temperature of the air, the sunshine or wind against your body, and the smells of the damp soil and dewy leaves. Allow your imagination to sharpen the scenery around you, creating an intensely detailed and beautiful landscape.

Connecting with Your Body

Now, turn your attention inward and notice how your body feels. Are there any areas of pain or tension. Pay attention to your muscles and tendons, allowing yourself to become familiar with any discomfort without judgment. Take a few moments to simply stay with what you are feeling, being conscious of how it affects your mind and physical body.

Observing Your Thoughts

Shift your focus to your mind and observe your thoughts without actively participating in them. Imagine yourself as a spectator, watching a sporting match or a television show. You can see what is happening in your mind, but you have no need to change or influence your thoughts. If you find yourself getting caught up in a particular worry or dilemma, simply exhale and bring your consciousness back to observing.

Exploring Your Emotional Landscape

As you observe your thoughts, you may notice certain hopes, reminders, or worries that continue to appear. Pay attention to the persistent ones and notice if they manifest themselves in your body as emotions. Take a moment to stay with these emotions, allowing yourself to be conscious of how they affect your mind and physical body.

Releasing Frustration and Tension

Take a deep breath and exhale, releasing any frustration, tension, or destructive emotions within you. Repeat this process five more times, allowing each exhale to wash away any negativity and cleanse your body and mind like a warm healing wave. Notice how you become progressively more relaxed and relieved with each passing moment.

Becoming Rooted and Grounded

Imagine your feet growing roots that extend deep into the soil, anchoring you in this idyllic place. Visualize these roots branching out and forming a vast network that holds you firm, nourishing and protecting you through all seasons. Feel the strength and stability of these roots as you take your next breath.

Embracing Your Bark

Envision your legs and torso being wrapped gently in bark, a soft and protective covering. This bark shields you from the hazards of life, offering comfort and durability. You have walked this earth for many years, experiencing both joys and challenges. Now, you are draped in a golden cloak, shot through with silver, that warms you every day of your life.

Embracing the Seasons of Life

Just like the orchard that surrounds you, your life has seasons of flowering, growth, rest, and renewal. Each season is a part of the rhythm of your life, and you are rooted solid in your place in the orchard. No matter what happens, your roots hold you steady, and your fellow trees brave the elements with you.


As you come back to the present moment, take a few minutes to fully drink in the scene around you. Smell the air, feel the warmth of the sunshine, and listen to the sounds of birds and animals. You are grounded, stable, and surrounded by others who love and respect you. Together, you grow and journey towards balanced peacefulness.

When you are ready, slowly awaken your body by wiggling your fingers and toes. Stretch out your muscles and take a moment to appreciate the serenity and groundedness you have cultivated. Carry this sense of stability and peace with you throughout your day or evening.

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