Healing of a Traumatic Past: Guided Meditation for Overcoming Pain and Trauma

In this deeply healing place, you will have the opportunity to overcome the trauma and pain that lurk in your past. It is important to note that while this meditation can be a powerful tool for healing, it is not a substitute for professional help. Working through your experiences with a trained professional can provide release and clarity. With that said, let us begin our journey into a safe and tranquil space for processing your experiences.

Creating a Safe Space

As we prepare to start our journey inward, take a moment to bring something to mind that you would like to release. Call it gently forward and thank it for its wisdom. Soon, it will be behind you. Now, let yourself breathe slowly and deeply as your physical eyes grow accustomed to their restful position. Allow your mind's eye to become keen and watchful.

Relaxation and Awareness

As you sink into a deeper relaxation, many things will present themselves to you. Each of them is important in some way. Simply listen and breathe deeply as you sink into a deeper relaxation. Remind yourself that you are safe, loved, and beautiful.

Thinking vs Sensing

Wisdom will present itself to you as you listen to this meditation. However, it is important to distinguish between thoughts from your daily life and revelations from your subconscious. Thinking feels like rushing water, while sensing is the feeling of grading inside bubbling up from a deeper pool. Let go of glittering fleeting thoughts and focus on sensing.

Relaxing Your Body

As you sink deeper into tranquility, do not neglect your body. Imagine every fiber of your body relaxing as if a great weight has been taken off. Allow your chest and belly to inflate, filling with the air around you. Notice any tension or worry and imagine them melting away. Breathe deeply and relax.

Releasing Pain

Take a moment to release a little bit of the pain, tension, and stiffness that the past event holds within you. Breathe love and compassion for yourself. Give yourself the gift of patience and faith, knowing that you are already healing and growing into new wisdom.

Forgiving Yourself

Forgiveness is a powerful word, especially in the face of immense pain or trauma. Begin by forgiving yourself. You are a survivor, strong, graceful, and important. Release the anger, fear, or hatred that helped you get through the experience. You are worthy of forgiveness and love.

Your Healing Journey

Think of healing as your wounds closing, injuries replaced by strong, healthy tissue. You may always bear a scar from your past, but it will be a part of you no longer hurtful or troublesome. You are already healing with each passing breath. Embrace this journey of healing, storytelling, love, and compassion. You are a magnificent human being and a great asset to our world. Best of luck to you as you move forward in hope and joy.

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