Mindfulness Meditation for Body, Breath, and Mind

Find a comfortable seated position and let's begin.

Body Awareness

Start by noticing what's happening at your feet. Pay attention to any sensations, such as the feeling of your shoes or socks, or the contact with the air around your feet. Move your attention up to your legs, noticing any sensations there as well. Feel the support of the chair underneath you and become aware of your hands and fingertips. Observe the position of your hands and any sensations you can notice.

Relaxing the Shoulders

Bring your attention to your arms and shoulders. Notice any tension in this area and gently move your head and neck to release any tightness. Keep your head aligned with your spine to create space for comfortable breathing.

Focusing on the Breath

Now, shift your attention to your breath. You can choose to focus on the air coming in and out, the movement of your abdomen, or the timing of your breath. Experiment with counting the breaths if your mind tends to wander. Use any technique that feels right for you to fully bring your attention to the breath. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to breathe during meditation.

Observing the Mind

After spending time focusing on the body and breath, shift your attention to your mind. Notice any thoughts that arise. Observe if the thoughts slow down or if there are spaces between them. Practice choosing which thoughts to follow and which ones to let go. Cultivate the witnessing part of yourself that can observe the body, breath, and mind.

Bringing Awareness Back

Now, bring your attention back to your breath and then back to your body. Notice your position in the chair and any changes in your posture. Feel a sense of groundedness and stability. When you're ready, gently open your eyes and take a moment to stretch if needed.


Reflect on how you feel after this practice. If it has been helpful, consider practicing it again in the future. By cultivating mindfulness, we can connect more fully with our higher awareness and become more mindful in our daily lives.

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