Relax and Unwind with Yin Yoga: A Deep Stretch Routine for Hips

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You may need a block or anything sturdy in like a block they get comfortable in a seated position with an option to sit on your block or even a chair if it helps you sit tall yet relaxed. Take a little movement to settle in because yin yoga is a style of practice with long resting postures up to three to five minutes and each pose to help you truly relax your body and mind.

In your comfortable position with your eyes gently opened, soften your gaze somewhere low about 45 degrees out in front of you. Then take a couple of deep breaths in through your nose out through your mouth as you breathe in feel your body expand as you breathe out feel your body relax deep inhale long exhale and close your eyes seal your lips and allow your breath to settle into a natural rhythmic state in and out through your nose.

Take note of how you feel today, how you feel right now, what you feel, where you feel it, and instead of avoiding the uncomfortable feelings or distracting yourself from them in this moment practice acceptance of them. However you feel right now, that's okay.

Yuna Tabletop Pose

On your hands and knees, keep your hips above your knees as you walk your hands forward and lower your forehead down to your mat with your arms extending. Relax your shoulders, soften through your chest, back, and neck, and feel your breath creating space for your whole torso.

Thread the Needle Pose

Slide your left arm behind your right elbow threading the needle with your left palm facing up and turn your right arm so it slides in the opposite direction from your left arm. Then reach your arms as far away from each other as you can and lean forward until your forehead touches the ground or on a block. Your chest will rest on top of your folded arms and find the place where you can let go and let gravity take hold. Inhaling and exhaling slow and steady.

Begin to lift your head and unravel your arms coming back to your forearms flat on the ground in front of you to switch sides. Slide your right arm behind your left elbow with your right palm facing up. Then turn your left arm and slide it in the opposite direction with both palms facing up. Extend your arms as far away from each other as you can and lean forward with your forehead touching the ground or your block. Relax.

Child's Pose

Mimi in a child's pose with your knees about hip distance. Allow your forehead to rest down on the ground gently stretching the muscles in your back. Then slowly sweep your arms down by your sides as your fingertips reach towards the back of your mat and relax your arms, your shoulders, hips, even your belly as you breathe within this pose. Well done yogi.

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