Take Charge of Your State of Mind: How to Own Your Power and Live Authentically

Are you tired of feeling controlled by others. Do you want to reclaim your power and live life on your own terms. In this article, we will explore the concept of taking charge of your state of mind and how it can lead to a more authentic and empowered life. We'll discuss the impact of childhood conditioning, the importance of accountability, and practical steps to regain control of your thoughts and emotions. Let's dive in.

Understanding Childhood Conditioning

From a young age, most of us were raised to be compliant and obedient. Our parents, teachers, and other authority figures taught us to follow their instructions without question. This traditional parenting paradigm instilled in us the belief that our power is secondary to the power of others. As a result, we grew up feeling lesser than and lacking autonomy over our own minds and bodies.

This upbringing has profound psychological implications. We were taught to be passive, apathetic, and reactive, waiting for permission and validation from others. Our state of mind became dependent on external factors such as the weather, other people's opinions, and our achievements or failures. We became like puppets, easily influenced by the whims of the world around us.

Taking Ownership of Your State of Mind

But here's the truth: your state of mind belongs to you and no one else. It is your birthright to have complete ownership over your thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Taking charge of your state of mind requires accountability and a willingness to break free from the conditioning of your past.

By recognizing that your state of mind is not determined by external circumstances, you can start to reclaim your power. Instead of allowing the weather, other people's opinions, or life's ups and downs to dictate your mood, you can choose to be in control. You can choose resilience, curiosity, empowerment, and joy.

The Price of Authenticity

However, embracing your power and living authentically comes with a price. You may face resistance from those around you who are used to the old version of you. Some people may not understand or accept your newfound sovereignty. But remember, it is your life, and you have the right to live it on your own terms.

Letting go of enmeshed relationships and codependency is a necessary step towards reclaiming your power. It's time to separate yourself from others' expectations and opinions. This doesn't mean cutting off ties or being in conflict; it means being true to yourself and living your own life.

Choosing Volitional Relationships

As you take charge of your state of mind and live authentically, you'll naturally gravitate towards relationships based on choice rather than fear, obligation, or tradition. You'll attract people who respect and support your autonomy. These volitional relationships will be more fulfilling and aligned with your true self.


It's time to break free from the chains of external influence and reclaim your power. By taking ownership of your state of mind, you can live a more authentic, empowered, and fulfilling life. Remember, your state of mind belongs to you and no one else. It's time to govern it wisely with love and presidential authority.

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