Yoga for Relaxation: Gentle Poses to Relieve Stress and Promote Emotional Wellness

In this session, we will guide you through a series of gentle yoga poses that are specifically designed to help you relax, relieve stress, and promote emotional wellness. These poses can be done with a yoga bolster or a couple of pillows from your bed, making it accessible for everyone. So, let's begin.

Prop Shavasana

To start, lay your pillows wide across your mat and place your legs above the pillows so that your knees are supported. Extend your arms out to the sides, bend your elbows, and bring your fingers together to touch, creating a diamond shape. Take a moment to relax your shoulders, soften your face muscles, and focus on your deep belly breath. This calming breath helps to relax your nervous system and tells your body that you're in control.

  • Bring your fingers towards your shoulders and draw your elbows in towards each other and your ribs.
  • Pull your knees together and place your feet flat on the pillow.
  • For a deeper stretch, place your right ankle on top of your left knee and flex your right toes back towards your right knee. Use your hand to press your right knee away from your body if needed.
  • If you're ready for an even deeper stretch, thread your right arm between your legs and interlace your hands underneath your left thigh or shin. This intensifies the stretch in your right hip.

Continue to focus on your breath and relax your body as you hold each pose. After releasing the stretch, switch sides and repeat the process with your left leg. Take a moment to reset and notice how you feel.

Twist with Pillow

Next, we'll move into a twist with the support of a pillow. Place the pillow between your knees and roll onto your left side into a fetal position. Reach your right arm up to the ceiling and lean back as you open up into a twist. You can look up to the ceiling or turn your chin to the right for a deeper stretch. Twists are great for stimulating digestion, improving posture, and stretching your chest and back in new ways.

Fetal Position and Final Shavasana

After releasing the twist, roll onto your back with the pillow still between your knees. Take a moment to relax and breathe deeply. Then, roll onto your right side and repeat the twist on the other side. Remember to focus on your breath and find a place of total relaxation.

Finally, release the pillow and extend your legs out for the final shavasana. Let your feet fall open and rest your hands on your belly or by your sides. Close your eyes and allow your breath to become effortless as your muscles soften. Feel the heaviness of your body as if you were melting into the floor beneath you.


Well done. You've completed this yoga session for relaxation and emotional wellness. Take a moment to express gratitude for showing up and being open to trying something new. If you enjoyed this post, consider joining our free 7-day beginner yoga challenge for more beginner-level yoga videos to help you get fit and flexible. Have a good day.

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