Yoga Routine for Deep Hip Opening and Relaxation

Welcome to Yoga: Meet Me in Standing

Interlace your hands behind your lower back and separate your feet wide about mat distance. Keep your chest expansion, bend your knees, and fold at your hips as your head comes all the way down and your knuckles reach up towards the ceiling or fall forward with gravity. Use your breath to create space, inhales puffing up lengthening and opening, and exhales softening releasing tension.

Mountain Pose and Side Stretches

Release your hands at the bottom, plant your left hand down on fingertips, and reach your right arm up to the ceiling, opening through your chest and shoulders. Bend your left knee as much as you need to so this can feel really good. Big inhale, exhale, release your right hand down to replace your left, then reach your left arm high, bending your right knee as much as you'd like. Big breath in as you breathe out, release your left arm down for Mountain Pose. Come all the way up, hands reach up towards the ceiling, then grab onto your left wrist and dive your body to the right, stretching through your whole left side body. Inhale back to center, switch your grip, and exhale dive to the left, stretching out your whole right side body. Inhale, come back to center, then as you exhale, mini backbend, cactus your arms, bending your elbows open and lift up through your heart. Big breath in, then come back to center, hands together at heart center, anchor your mind on your mat.

Forward Fold, Halfway Lift, and High Plank

Inhale, find Mountain Pose, reach up, exhale, forward fold, hinge at your hips, gentle bend your knees, come all the way down for halfway lift, slide your hands up your shins, press your heart forward and it's a long flat back, and plant your hands and step your feet back into a high plank and slow lower all the way down to your belly for low Cobra. Zip your legs and feet together and peel your chest up off the mat using the muscles in your back, so your hands just hover by your sides, gaze is a few inches out in front of you so you're not craning your neck.

Warrior 1 and Pyramid Pose

Step your right foot through to a low lunge, but this time pick a shorter stance than you normally would and spin your back heel down and rise up for Warrior 1. Reach your arms up, sink into your hips, relish in the stretch, and then interlace your hands behind your lower back for humble warrior. First, inhale to puff up through your chest, and as you exhale, hinge at your hips as you lower your shoulders down inside of your front knee, knuckles reach up towards the ceiling, crown of your head reaches down towards the mat. Release both hands down, setting up for a pyramid pose. Straighten out your right leg as you push your right hip back, pull your left hip forward, and lengthen your spine out of your hips. For triangle pose, place your right hand on your right shin and reach your left arm up to the ceiling. Your hips will open up as you lengthen through your chest and shoulders.

Wide Leg Fold, Pigeon Pose, and Child's Pose

Pivot both heels in, bend your knees open, sink down into your hips, and take your hands to your thighs. Drop your right shoulder down as you press your right knee away. Come back to center and switch sides, dropping your left shoulder down and pressing your left knee away. This time, come back to center, hands to your hips, inhale to rise, straighten out both legs, and make your way to downward-facing dog. From your down dog, step your feet wide, then reach your right hand back to grab onto your left ankle for a deep twist within your down dog. Release your right hand back and switch sides, reaching your left hand through to grab onto your right ankle. Come back to your traditional downward-facing dog and let's set up half pigeon on your right side. Bring your right knee towards your right wrist, ankle somewhere towards your left wrist, sink down into your hips, and do your best to keep your hips squared off to the top of your mat. Take your time as you slowly rise and switch sides, bringing your left knee towards your left wrist and ankle towards your right. Make your way back into Child's Pose to reset, relax through your lower back, and soften through your shoulders.

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